A few pictures since Chicago

P5030091 [1280x768] 
Night in Chicago before departure

P5040148 [1280x768] 
First buildings in Chicago downtown
P5040162 [1280x768] 
Progressing through Chicago downtown
P5040174 [1280x768] 
Exiting downtown Chicago

P5040221 [1280x768]
Sunset in the outskirts of Chicago, first night
P5050245 [1280x768] 
One of the many coal power plants
P5060313 [1280x768]
Sight of the bald eagle

P5050263 [1280x768]
Relaxing times on the Illinois river
P5040201 [1280x768] 
Many interesting and old structures
P5060347 [1280x768] 
Kayaks are silent… they got surprised 🙂