Objectives of the trip

  • Make people aware of the Right to water struggle

  • A ‘car culture’ country seen from another point of view
    The U.S. is well known for its car culture. Every day we drive on bridges without realizing that we are going on a nature made route that has been here for million of years. Some of them are made in days, some of them have been here for millions of years. But would not it be great to see the bridges and roads from another angle ?

  • Footprint of people on their environment
    Covering a whole country from top to bottom, going from cities to cities and passing by empty areas will give a good appreciation of the impact humans have on their environment. Most of us are clueless of many things. We don’t know for example where the trees are cut or where energy is produced. It’s because unless you work at one of these places they will never be in a touristy area beside the Eiffel tower or in downtown. Traveling in an ‘irregular’ way gives a lot of insight on our footprint on the environment.

  • Discover Americans and American culture
    Are they / is it really so good or bad ?? Nothing better than discovering it on your own.

  • Vacations / personal challenge
    Facing mother nature is always a challenge and vacations for some of us…

  • Have a visual picture of Mark Twain’s writings
    It’s always great to see the places that gave inspiration to an author. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (fiction) was a childhood book and it will be great to see the writings (even though most likely many things have changed since then)