Right to Water

Everyone is aware that water is life on earth. What is less well known is that is not a fundamental right. This means that clean water can be made a ‘commodity’ and as a result undergo trade and privatization rules.

The “Right to water” as a fundamental human right will provide an international framework for nations to take the necessary steps to ensure access to safe drinking water to the people.

There are many steps to achieve this, for example some of them:
Ensure that water sources are not polluted by industries and that strict environmental rules exist
Educate and promote sustainable use of water
Ensure that water sources are publicly and locally owned in a democratic way

Wolrd Health Organization

If you would like to keep updated follow the work that his being done by the Wolrd Health Organization.

There are as well many charities working in ensuring safe water for pepople around the world. One of them is Water for People. Feel free to make them a donnation or learn more about their work.

As few other organizations:
The council of canadians
The WaterAid
The Blue Planet Project