About US

Matt C.
Matt’s been paddling since a young age, and so far, his keel has kissed the waters of the Atlantic, Georgian Bay, the St. Lawrence as well as navigating the ice floes of the Ottawa in early spring.  He’s run rapids, sailed ships and survived Northern Ontario blackflies as well as seasickness brought about by North Atlantic swell.  He looks forward to a modern day re-enactment of the adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn while exploring the iconic Mississippi!

506G3342 Matt Kayak
Red Deer Matt C.

Sorouche M.
Adventurer by nature but lazy by principle… or maybe lazy by nature and adventurer by principle I support the turtle philosophy in discovery of life. I believe in life you should take the time to discover the places you feel like and not told about. It’s not possible to see the whole world so might as well enjoy and seek what makes you happy rather than rushing and trying to see everything.
For this trip I think it’s important to make people aware of the Right to Water concept. Many reason why I am doing this (check About the trip section for the reasons). I am as well always concerned by the social implications that a destroyed environment could have on underprivileged societies/people and try to take notes of it during my travel and adventures to see the differences from place to place.
I enjoy feeling the reliefs, understanding new cultures and sharing emotions.

Credits photo: Erin S.

506G3337 Sorouche Kayak
Green Turtle Sorouche M.